Themeable View Class for CakePHP

This is my implementation of a themeable view class for CakePHP. This class will allow your site to use themes or skins. Themes or skins are a great feature because they allow for division of labor between the developer and the designer (although the designer in this case has to know a bit of PHP). They also allow the website owner to quickly change the look and feel of the website.


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  1. Hello,

    I am the owner of and the original author of the Themeable View class for CakePHP that you have posted in this blog entry. I just want to clarify with you if you are posting this trackback in response to my call for new maintainer for this module. If you wish to be the new maintainer, please send me email so that I can update my blog entry and point others to your website if they want updated versions.

    Thank you.

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